Muslim Girl in America

I'm an American girl, born and raised, and a Muslim.

About Me

This blog is about me: a perpetually 29-year-old girl in America who is also a Muslim. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this blog. I just want to detail my experiences as I seek a happy life. I’m not your typical Muslim girl (whatever that means) – I don’t wear a hijab or head covering on a daily basis, but I believe in God (Allah), pray 5 times a day, fast during Ramadan, work hard, and pray for a better life for myself and my loved ones.


I hope you’ll follow me as I describe my experiences as a Muslim girl in America; my experiences trying to sustain my traditional upbringing and beliefs in a modern world.


8 responses to “About Me

  1. Raed A says:

    Assalmu aliakum M,

    I stumbled on your blog a couple of hours ago and thought it was quite interesting. I would like to say that I’ve enjoyed reading all of them. After finish reading one, I couldn’t hold myself back from reading another. I actually didn’t sleep last night because of them. I guess the bright side is at least I didn’t have to wake up for salat al fajir since I was up already. The downside is it’s pass 6 A.M. in NY I got work in a few hours and I’m still wide awake😳. Well I will like to end this letter by saying that I look foward to your next blog and inshallah one day you’ll publish your short stories and find the right man for you. Until then, stay safe, lets hope you don’t waste your time meeting up with any more men who party and drink occasionally or what I like to call fuslim(fake muslim), and I hope you enjoy the first day of summer.

    Raed A

    • MGA says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Raed! I’m glad you enjoyed my blog, though I’m sorry you lost some sleep, lol. It means a lot to know that my words have impacted you, and that there are other people who understand what I’m going through. Thank you!

  2. Ainy Ahmad says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    I discovered your blog a while back, and started reading your posts form the very beginning, and now I’m done 🙂 You seem to have been through a lot. I hope Allah helps you and grants you further successes in your life. You’re a great blogger, so keep blogging and may you get to be happy more often!


  3. Mohammad samara says:

    al salam 3alekom
    first think i wont to thank you about your site
    and actually i see alot of suffring in the american muslims live where we are ( the arab muslim ) consider that these people they have nice live
    but thats wrong
    i advice you to use facebook and design a page for (muslim girl in america ) may be inshallah it will be center for american muslims to meet and helping each other
    and i am ready to help you
    soory for my wriiting may there is some wrongs

  4. dazz says:

    I just read your blog. well written and just to let you know, Your are beautiful confident girl, who deserve all happiness of life. you have come so far. InshaAllah you will climb the next stair too. Keep smiling. keep praying with particular reciting darood shareef. It helps in everything. You are and will be successful in everything you dream for yourself

  5. Afrah says:

    Do you still write??

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