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Ramadan Brain

on July 16, 2013

Ramadan Brain is a real and true phenomenon. Ramadan Brain occurs each day during Ramadan, though the time of day varies from person to person. For me, Ramadan Brain typically occurs around 1-2pm.

A main characteristic of Ramadan Brain is memory loss. You find yourself inexplicably in a room and with no idea as to why you entered it. Despite the many calendar apps on your phone (and the physical paper backup you keep), you can recall nothing but the times to stop and start eating each day, and rely on your prayer calendar to remind you for the timings of other prayers.

Another characteristic of Ramadan Brain is clumsiness. Those who were clumsy before (such as myself) have a new and debilitating sense of clumsiness that strikes when we are at our weakest. Others, formerly graceful and gliding, find themselves tripping all the more.

There are other characteristics of Ramadan Brain – which ones do you exhibit?

But despite these characteristics, God gives you strength and focus for the day. He lifts you up when you fall, and guides you through this month of reflection, prayer, and penitence. May God give us all the strength and focus we need to become better citizens on this Earth, Ameen.



One response to “Ramadan Brain

  1. […] today, Monday, I’m back at work (as are most) and back to the daily grind (I can already feel Ramadan Brain taking over). But taking a break from all the craziness and hectic pace of daily life really helped […]

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